Monday, January 19, 2009

My first VLOG- Shift Happens

I was forcing myself to diligently blog even though I really don't enjoy writing that much. Than I realized people don't enjoy reading that much. We are in a high tech digital world. So, I decided to join the 21st Century and bought a handy dandy flip camera and tripod and now I am a VLOGGER. Yes, VLOG (Video Logger). This way you can get to know my personality and get the message without worrying about my bad grammar and careless typos. Be aware I do not know how to edit yet and I am not a cinematographer so the videos are certaintly amateur but the comments I have received on Facebook have been all positive.

This VLOG is on how when I Shifted my perception about my life that I had an instant demonstration of my whole world turning sideways. It is so super amazing and cool. You have to see it to believe it. Check it out.

To see the video go to and click on videos. If you subscribe to the RSS feed you will be automatically notified when I post a video (theoretically) that is I am still learning how that works. If you become my friend on Facebook you will definately be notified my name is Deborah Cujino-Deras. Enjoy the video and email me your comments and realizations to

Deborah Deras, M.S., C.R.C., ALSP
Speaker, Coach and Author

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Powerful Questions to Design a Divine 2009

As the New Year comes to a close it is a time of reflection on what worked for us and what we are ready to release to allow the space for our expanded good to come into our lives.

It helps to ask some powerful questions to get insight on what worked and what didn't so you can be empowered to make powerful choices that support your highest good, goals and intentions. Before you answer these take a moment to be still and bask in gratitude and unconditional love. Take time to write these out by hand or computer this will be your guide to how you want to Design your Divine 2009.


0. What are you grateful for? ex: I spent alot of time on the beach (see photo right). Than moved to a pad right on the beach.

  1. What new patterns, behaviors or choices did you make that empowered you?

  2. How did you share unconditional love?

  3. What people were a drain on your energy?

  4. What people boosted your energy?

  5. What decisions did you make to allow that relationship to continue or end?

  6. What places drained your energy? How can you shift this experience?

  7. What places boosted your energy? How can you create more of this in your life?

  8. What behaviors drained your energy? (complaining, gossiping, negative thoughts, sabotaging behaviors)

  9. What behaviors boosted your energy? (exercise/playing-out, loving friends, etc.)

  10. What limiting beliefs blocked you from achieving your goals? (not good enough, not worthy, etc.)

  11. What new decisions are you making now to create a Divine 2009?

12. Who do you need to BE to allow more love, joy, peace and abundance to flow in your life?

Email your answers to me and receive an E-book on balanced living. I will review your responses and hold your highest good in my daily prayers and thoughts.

Copyright, Deborah Deras 2008. All Rights Reserved. Not for duplication without permission.

If you need support creating a Divine 2009. Please contact: Deborah Deras for a 20 minute complimentary coaching session at 310-945-5651. Offer Expires Jan 7, 2009.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Passionate Living NOW- The beach as my front yard

The phrase Ask and It Is Given sounds too good to be true and it is common to think it may work for others but not for me. Not for my financial situation, my job, my relationship etc. However, just like gravity the Universal Laws work whether we know it or not. Why not accept the gift that is so joyfully given to us by simply saying, YES to our good, joy, love and overflowing abundance. Will you say, YES with me? If so read on to how I said YES to being worthy and deserving of a beach front residence in beautiful Venice Beach, California.
About a month ago, I was jogging down the Venice Beach canals and was relieved from the incessant mind chatter and I got clear that it was time to move. "Why"?, shouted my EGO, I hate moving and I love my spacious, affordable and beautiful 3500sq foot home near Abott Kinney. "It is time to live alone and learn to fall in love with your own company". I know when it is the voice of my divine guidance because it is not the comfortable choice I would necessarily choose for myself. I know from experience that it is best to follow divine guidance or else face the consequences. If I was called to move than I decided I would ASK for what I wanted in this deal. I spoke out loud (which goes unnoticed in Venice Beach) and said if I am to move I want a beach front place a life long dream. I also asked to have my same low rent or less. It was a challenge to the universe because I knew it was almost impossible to find a beach front place for the low rent I was paying in my big house share which was already a deal. I asked to be sent an Angel as my divine real estate agent to help me to find this ideal place. And, bam within 5 minutes I ended the canal path and arrived at Cow's End on Washington Blvd and saw to members of my spiritual center ( having coffee. Being the outgoing person I am I went up and introduced myself to them as sweat dripped off my brow. Once of them said, hello I am Amber and the other said, hello I am ANGEL. Come on!!! Angel, I gulped, I had to pinch myself to see if anyone else was noticing my instant demonstration of an Angel. After a few seconds of small talk I began to tell Angel that I was looking for a new residence on the beach. He shared that he just happened to be a property manager for a place right on Speedway a block from the beach.
WOW!! Crazy, right. You with me so far. Divine guidance on a new place, I ask for a beach home, request an angel and five minutes later I am walking down the alley on Speedway for Angel to show me his property. It was big, nice 1 bedroom and $250o, double the price I had requested to the universe. Remember, I made this a tough challenge, right. Well, wait there is more. Angel being an Angel said well if this is over your budget than you should contact the owner of the building in front of me (that is right the one right on the beach) that one is offered for $1200. Remember, the Universe is conspiring for your good. WHAT?? I could not believe it. Angel actually went over and introduced me to the neighbor so I could get the owners information. Unfortunately, they did not have it or were not willing to give it up to me, no problem. They told me over 30 people had applied but no one had moved in yet. She took my number and said she would call me if she saw the handy man around. I knew that my real estate agency G-O-D Realty would not let me down.
I decided to do what a trained Spiritual Counselor does in life when faced with any situation, PRAY. I prayed for divine right action and the highest good of all concerned.
I took a photo of the house and went home to wait for my next divinely guided step. I was led to send an letter to the landlord I would include a letter of why I was the best candidate, my credit report, an application my biography and bookmark just for fun. The only thing I needed was the contact information for the owner that is easy to get right? Well, after calls to several real estate agents to find out the information from the title company and three weeks passing nothing happened. I was not discouraged I just kept looking for other places knowing my best residence would come to me. I kept finding places farther away from the beach for more money and felt like I was getting colder so I kept coming back to this beach home. I put the photo on the screen saver of my blackberry and prayed about it daily. Three weeks had gone by since I first saw it and I realized I must be giving the agents the wrong address so I went down to the house for the 7th time and saw that it was not Speedway or 27th or 28th Street but Ocean Front Walk Place. What a pretty name, right? I love it. Than, BAM!!! instantly the address to the owner was found. I sent my beautiful packet to this PO BOX on Wednesday and released it with a prayer into the mailbox.
On Friday, when I had not heard anything I showed the photo of the house to six spiritual counselor friends and asked them for prayer. They all looked at me and said simply and with conviction, "It is done". WOW, great prayer, right. I went to check my messages and at the same moment of the prayer I had a message from the property manager saying that the owner received my letter and despite the over 50 applicants that applied and even offered more money the owner had decided on me. And within a couple days I had a lease and a move in date for October 15th. They even let me choose my own terms of the lease and even gave me my desired rent that I asked for. Amazing!!! A miracle. Or simply the result of the Universal Law, Law of Attraction: "Ask and It is Given".
How grateful I am for my new beach home. I sent Angel and the real estate agents a Big Thank You email and they were shocked at my power. I replied to them that the power is within all of us all we have to do is ASK and than listen to divine guidance along the way. It is faith plus action that equals the results in life.
What do you want to create in your life? If you would like support on your path email or call me 310-945-5651 to schedule a private session.
Deborah Deras, M.S., ALSP
Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Counselor and Co-Author of Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict: How to achieve more with less effort

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Focus on the Presence not the Absence

The key to success with ease and grace is to shift our perceptions from one of lack and limitation to one of abundance and infinite possibilities. One way to do this is to shift the focus of our attention, thoughts and conversations from the absence of what we don’t have yet to the presence of what we do have.

Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem from the place it is created. Often times, we fall into tunnel vision only seeing what is directly in front of us the problems, frustrations and struggles rather than being able to zoom out and rise above to see the expanded vision of infinite possibilities available to us if we just allow it.

Many times we are tuned into the radio station in the mind of K-WORRY, K-FEAR,
K-DOUBT. This station broadcasts commercial free all of the things we desire but don’t have yet: the dream career, ideal relationship and overflow of cash in the bank.

Since are thoughts are energy and are a vibrational magnet that attracts circumstances into our lives. If we spend the majority of our time focused on what we don’t have rather than on what we intend to create than it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can you can. If you think you can’t you can't”. Either way you are right. It is your reality, your experience, your results. You create your experience through the channel you are focusing in on, so if you don’t like what you are experiencing change the channel. Easier said than done so I have some tips to help you take control of your thoughts and allow the success with ease and grace in your life.

Shift Your Perception Tools
1) If you find yourself in worry, doubt and fear ask yourself What opportunities are available to me now?
2) Be present in the now by babysitting a young infant or monitoring your own breath
3) Express enjoyment of life as a daily practice. Get excited about the tiniest things.
4) Intentionally send love and appreciation with your eyes to everyone you see.
5) Write a daily gratitude list (add one new thing daily)
6) When you notice your thoughts shifting to the absence lovingly switch the channel in your mind back to the presence
7) Accept that you are exactly where you are supposed to be

You will find that as you practice these tools it will be as if you got a new prescription for your eyes that allow you to see things clearly. All of a sudden you live in a world with possibilities everywhere. An abundance of career opportunities, great new relationships and an abundance of cash flow pouring into you from known and unknown sources.